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Romany Gypsy Cob Horses, Tinkers and Proper Cobs
Welcome to our web site, we are breeders, buyers and sellers of gypsy cobs/gypsy horses/tinkers. We have been exporting cobs all across the world since 1999. We can source any type of gypsy horse you require, we sell all across the world as far away as Australia ! We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation and the way we work and care for our horses.

We are a small family business, we like to match each person to their perfect cob, not just sell you the first horse that comes to mind. Let us know what you are looking for and we will find it for you.

Prices for cobs vary greatly, mares and fillies of the very best quality regularly change hands for tens of thousands of pounds !! We can find very good youngsters from starting from £500 for young colts/geldings

Viewing is welcomed, with no obligation to buy, near London Heathrow Airport.

We have cobs available that are perfect for happy hackers, ride and drives, dressage, breeding quality, show cobs, youngstock, family pet, childs pony etc etc.

Thanks for dropping by, we look forward to hearing from you.... Please visit our Facebook page Rawlings Cobs or click the link below.

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The Rawlings Family. London, England